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Easy Samurai Sudoku()
Easy Samurai Sudoku

Samurai sudoku puzzle categorized as easy, as far a this extension of the original sudoku puzzles go!

There are 5 interlaced 9x9 sudoku grids and to solve the brain teaser, apply basic sudoku rules.

Challenge family and friends to see who can be the first one to complete the puzzle. Or, work in teams to see which team can finish the puzzle first. Use puzzles to make time fly when you are traveling long distances.

Puzzles support brain health and samuari sudoku puzzles are a great addition to your puzzle collection.

Happy Valentine's!

It's just about here! Valentine's Day. Here is the direct link to our ever growing Valentine's Day Puzzle collection. We are now adding some really cool word search puzzles for this category: Word Search Puzzles - Valentine's Day. Please note: it's still growing!

Still looking for a challenge? Try the Samurai Sudoku - Beginner Puzzles. They are a hit!

Remember to check back often for puzzle updates.

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