States of Matter Wordangle#03

States of Matter Wordangle#03

States of Matter Wordangle#03 For Google Apps
States of Matter Wordangle#03

Are you an educator looking for innovative puzzles for states of matter? Here is a wordangle puzzle to engage critical thinking skills, help build vocabulary and consolidate spelling! Puzzle complements science programming. Suitable for students grades 2-3. Supports distance learning, blended learning, independent, differentiated, and home schooling learning environments.

Solve the wordangle puzzle using the downloadable printable or Google Slide™ format.

Solve The Puzzle
l. review the list of words below the grid
2. locate the words hidden in the grid
3. trace the letter paths for each word; letter paths travel up, down, right, left; there is a right angled turn; letter paths may cross
4. track progress by crossing out each word as it is located.

Choice Board Activities
l. have kids do a scavenger hunt to locate some of the vocabulary from the puzzle (e.g. honey, where might you find vapor?)
2. categorize each word by relating it to the states of matter: solids, liquids, gases (e.g. dirt, chair, shoe are words related to solids)
3. have students create a puzzle using vocabulary from this and any other puzzle (crosswords, multiple choice, word searches)
4. have students complete the Frayar model graphic organizer