Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #17

Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #17

Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #17 For Google Apps
Summer Scrambled Letters Puzzle #17

Are you looking for teacher resources to support the language curriculum? Here is a jumbled letters puzzle that is sure to challenge the brain...regardless of age!

Fun, yet challenging summer activities jumbled letters puzzle is available in both downloadable print (PDF), and Google apps versions. Puzzle is suitable for distance learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning), and in-person learning.

To solve the puzzle, first create a list of summer activities that you know of. Then review the list of jumbled letters in the puzzle and compare the list of ideas with the letters in the question. See if there are any similarities.

Then unscramble the letters to solve the puzzle remembering to include capital letters when needed and to include spaces between words when there is more than one word in the answer.

Start solving the puzzle by finding the question with the fewest number of scrambled letters. Chances are this is a one word summer activity.