Deluxe Summer Word Search #03

Deluxe Summer Word Search #03

Deluxe Summer Word Search #03 For Google Apps
Deluxe Summer Word Search #03

Summer activities word search puzzle to complete with kids and family members. This puzzle is sure to keep the kids' minds active as they 'search' the grid to find the words listed in the word bank.

To solve the puzzle first review the list of words. Next, search the grid for common letter and word patterns that match with the clues. Since the brain is looking for specific combinations of letters and words, often they will 'pop' out from the grid. Remember that words can go in all eight directions in this grid: vertically, horizontally, diagonally.

Then, circle the words, or cross them out as they are located in the grid. Lastly, record the words as 'found' either by using a checkmark, or drawing a line through the clue.

Challenging summer word search puzzle is available in both downloadable print (PDF), and Google apps versions. Puzzle is suitable for distance learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning), and in-person learning.

To add more fun to this activity, explore some of the activities listed in the word bank.

Here are some ideas:
-play volleyball
-pick wildflowers
-go horseback riding
-watch movies with family
-play mini golf
-do off road biking