Thanksgiving Freeform #01

Thanksgiving Freeform #01

Thanksgiving Freeform #01 For Google Apps
Thanksgiving Freeform #01

Thanksgiving theme based printable and Google Apps™ puzzle to help develop students' vocabulary building skills. Great addition for home schoolers to augment student learning.

Puzzles help:
-build vocabulary
-support fine motor skills development
-support visual acuity
-engage critical thinking skills
-improve memory skills

Include this puzzle in the following classrooms:
-distance learning, independent, and differentiated

Extend learning with extension or enrichment activities. For example:
1. put words in alphabetical order
2. create artwork related to the theme
3. create a digital story using available software or
4. take one word (e.g. celebration) and generate a list of the different celebrations around the world.

To complete the printable version of the puzzle:
-download and print
-review the list of words in the word bank
-record the words in the correct boxes (HINT: start with words where there is only one in a group)

To complete the Google Slides™ version of the puzzle:
-copy the file to the computer
-review the list of words
-use the text box tool to record the words in the correct blank spaces (HINT: start with words where there is only one in a group)