Thanksgiving Freeform #06

Thanksgiving Freeform #06

Thanksgiving Freeform #06 For Google Apps
Thanksgiving Freeform #06

More vocabulary building exercises related to the Thanksgiving theme. Available in both printable and Google Slides™ formats, and have students in grade 4,5,6 classrooms fill in the blanks. This crossword like puzzle can lead to extension activities such as: 1. choose 5 words and define them and put those words in sentences; 2. organize the words by noun (common nouns and/or proper nouns); or 3. create artwork using a variety of media. Suitable for homeschooled students.

Crossword like puzzles helps:
-build vocabulary
-support fine motor skills development and visual acuity
-engage critical thinking skills
-activate problem solving strategies
-support working memory skills

Here are some educator lesson plan activity ideas:
1. put words in reverse alphabetical order
2. create digital artwork related to Thanksgiving
3. create a digital story using available software or
4. take one word (e.g. Thanksgiving) and generate a list of smaller words that can be made from its letters

Include this puzzle in the following learning environments:
-distance learning, independent, and differentiated classrooms
-hybrid and in-person classrooms
-homeschooling classrooms
-as a tutoring resource

To complete the printable version of the puzzle:
-download and print the puzzle
-review the list of words in the word bank
-record the words in the correct boxes (see hint below)

To complete the Google Slides™ version of the puzzle:
-copy the file to the computer
-review the list of words
-use the text box tool to record the words in the correct blank spaces (see hint below)

HINT: Start by filling in the grid with the 12-letter word and then the 14-letter word. Great for all learning environments, this puzzle complements the Thanksgiving theme.