Thanksgiving Freeform #09

Thanksgiving Freeform #09

Thanksgiving Freeform #09 For Google Apps
Thanksgiving Freeform #09

Engage and enrich students' homeschooled and classroom experiences by providing extension activities following puzzle completion. Ignite student problem solving skills by providing creative ways to extend this puzzle activity. For example: 1. put words in reverse alphabetical order; 2. have students create higher order thinking questions related to the Thanksgiving theme (example: What might Massachusetts look like if its history was different?); or 3. have students create a multi-media presentation related to the Thanksgiving theme, including all the words in this printable puzzle. Differentiate instruction to enable enrichment and self-directed learning. Available in both Google Slides™ and printable formats.

Crossword like puzzles helps:
-build vocabulary
-support fine motor skills development and visual acuity
-engage critical thinking skills
-activate problem solving strategies
-support working memory skills

Here are some educator lesson plan activity ideas:
1. put words in reverse alphabetical order
2. create digital artwork related to Thanksgiving
3. create a digital story using available software or
4. take one word (e.g. Thanksgiving) and generate a list of smaller words that can be made from its letters

Include this puzzle in the following learning environments:
-distance learning, independent, and differentiated classrooms
-hybrid classrooms
-in-person classrooms
-homeschooling classrooms
-as a tutoring resource

To complete the printable version of the puzzle:
-download and print the puzzle
-review the list of words in the word bank
-record the words in the correct boxes (see hint below)

To complete the Google Slides™ version of the puzzle:
-copy the file to the computer
-review the list of words
-use the text box tool to record the words in the correct blank spaces (see hint below)

HINT: Start by filling in the grid with the 13-letter word. Great for all learning environments, this puzzle complements the Thanksgiving theme.