Thanksgiving Alphadoku Puzzles #01

Thanksgiving Alphadoku Puzzles #01

Are you looking for a fun and engaging Sudoku® like puzzle, only using letters? Here is a collection of 12 Alphadoku puzzles in 6x6 grids.

In this collection, there are:
- 4 levels of difficulty - 3 each of: easy, medium, hard, difficult
- 3 pages of solutions with 4 puzzles per page
- 6 words used to create the puzzles: turkey, thanks, symbol, prayer, baking, family
- there are no duplicate letters in the word
- each smaller block is a 3x2 grid

Each page includes puzzle difficulty and lists the word used in the puzzle. Brain teaser is available in both printable and Google Apps™ versions.

Puzzle supports:
- distance, independent and differentiated classrooms
- hybrid and in-person classrooms
- homeschooling environments
- as a tutoring resource
- Substitute Teacher's Toolkit resource

To solve the printable version of the puzzle:
- download the file (12 puzzles) and print
- solve the puzzle using the basic rules of Sudoku®

To solve the Google Apps™ of the puzzle:
- click on the link and copy the file to the computer
- solve the puzzle using the basic rules of Sudoku®
- use the text box tool to complete the puzzle

Thanksgiving Alphadoku Puzzles #01 For Google Apps
Thanksgiving Alphadoku Puzzles #01