Thanksgiving Google Quiz #01

Thanksgiving Google Quiz #01

Are you a parent, teacher or caregiver looking for interesting and fun puzzle resources for Thanksgiving? This printable Thanksgiving crossword puzzle and Google Quiz engages students as they solve across and down clues in the printable version, and choose the BEST answer in the Google Quiz. Puzzle and quiz engages the brain and activates problem solving strategies.

The puzzle supports vocabulary building, fine motor skills while engaging critical thinking skills.

Engaging puzzle supports all learning environments:
-distance learning
-hybrid learning
-in-person learning
-as a tutoring resource

To complete the printable version, download, print and record answer in the numbered blank spaces in the grid. To complete the Google Quiz version, copy the file to the computer, click the PREVIEW button, select the best answer, click SUBMIT and then VIEW SCORE.

Thanksgiving Google Quiz #01 For Google Apps
Thanksgiving Google Quiz #01