Thanksgiving Multiple Choice #06

Thanksgiving Multiple Choice #06

Are you an educator looking for interesting and engaging puzzles to support your Thanksgiving programming? Here is a Thanksgiving multiple choice puzzle that includes 10 clues and four choices. Students read each clue and then match the clue with one of the four choices listed. Puzzle engages the brain and activates problem solving strategies. The 10 clues draw from multiple areas. For example: language, math, science, and some common knowledge (e.g. North and South _____ (America) ).

Multiple choice puzzle is available in both printable and Google apps formats. It supports vocabulary building, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Puzzle also engages critical thinking skills.

Engaging puzzle supports all learning environments:
-distance learning
-hybrid learning
-in-person learning
-as a tutoring resource

To complete the printable version, download, print and record the correct letter next to each clue. To complete the Google Apps version, copy the file to the computer, and use the text box tool to record the correct letter next to each clue.

Thanksgiving Multiple Choice #06 For Google Apps
Thanksgiving Multiple Choice #06