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Thanksgiving Wordsearch Challenge()
Thanksgiving Wordsearch Challenge

Looking for teacher resources for your lesson plans for Thanksgiving? Crossword like word search puzzle engages students' brains while activating prior knowledge in order to answer the clues.

To solve the puzzle start by answering across and down clues that are 'fill-in-the-blanks'. Since common expressions are somewhat familiar, then it's easier to start with what you know. Record the answer next to the clue, and then locate the word hidden in the grid.

Next, look for clues that ask for plurals, synonyms, antonyms.

Work with a friend to help solve the puzzle.

Father's Day!

Where does the time go? Now, we are gearing up for Father's Day! Here are some fun and engaging puzzles to share with kids at home! Father's Day Puzzles. Six categories available!

We continue to grow! Our 84 Earth Space Puzzles Collection has all be catalogued and can be found here: Earth Space Word Searches.