US Capitals Hidden Search #02

US Capitals Hidden Search #02

US Capitals Hidden Search #02 For Google Apps
US Capitals Hidden Search #02

Are you a teacher looking for challenging resources for US Capitals? Here is a hidden word search puzzle requiring students to locate words hidden in the grid, without the advantage of a list of words.

To solve the puzzle, students need to use their knowledge of US capitals and then locate the words in the grid. then, record the cities in the space below the puzzle. One problem solving strategy would be to brainstorm names of capitals before solving the puzzle.

Lesson planning ideas might also include such things as:
l. use the list of words as research topic ideas
2. integrate this puzzle into STEM/STEAM related programming
3. have students create their own word search puzzles to exchange with friends to solve

Here is a link to our collection of blank word search grids:
Blank Word Search Grids