Presidents Word Search Scrambled #3

Presidents Word Search Scrambled #3

Presidents Word Search Scrambled #3 For Google Apps
Presidents Word Search Scrambled #3

Looking for teacher resources to support curriculum related to US Presidents? This scrambled letters puzzle will challenges students as they word to rearrange the letters in the word clues to discover names of presidents hidden in the grid. Locate the words, and then circle the letters in each word.

PDF or Google apps available versions of this word search puzzle. Puzzle supports in-person learning, hybrid learning environments (in-class and remote) and distance learning.

Other planning ideas can include:
1. students work cooperatively to solve the puzzle
2. record the presidential names in alphabetical order
3. order the word clues by term/s of office
4. order the word clues in reverse chronological order by term/s in office
5. use the word clues for research project ideas

Word searches support visual acuity, fine motor skill development, help consolidate spelling and vocabulary building.