US States Scrambled Search #1

US States Scrambled Search #1

US States Scrambled Search #1 For Google Apps
US States Scrambled Search #1

Are you looking for educator resources for learning about US States? This scrambled letters word search puzzle makes learning fun because kids love word searches.

Other ideas for using puzzles in lesson plans:
l. introduce the topic using this puzzle
2. give word search to early finishers
3. students complete a research project on a topic from the list of word clues

Solve the puzzle
-rearrange the letters to reveal the words hidden in the grid
-trace the letter paths
-letter paths travel horizontally, vertically and diagonally in all 8 directions
-track progress by crossing out the state names as they are located

Word search puzzles available in both PDF or Google apps versions. Puzzle supports in-person learning, hybrid learning environments (in-class and remote) and distance learning.