US Symbols Hidden Search01

US Symbols Hidden Search01

US Symbols Hidden Search01 For Google Apps
US Symbols Hidden Search01

Are you a teacher looking for resources for US symbols? This US symbols hidden word search puzzle has 9 US symbols hidden in the grid. Students need to locate these hidden words and then record the list in the space provided.

This interactive puzzle activates problem solving strategies when students need to determine which symbols have been hidden in the grid? One idea would be to brainstorm ideas about known US symbols.

Other lesson plan ideas for integration of puzzles into the classroom:
l. students work collaboratively to solve the puzzle
2. have students create their own word searches using a shaped blank word search grid found here
3. use the found list of words to research a US symbol
4. include US symbols in art program
5. create a multi-media journal entry using vocabulary from this puzzle

Puzzle available as a downloadable printable and as Google slide by copying the file to your computer drive.