US Symbols Hidden Search02

US Symbols Hidden Search02

US Symbols Hidden Search02 For Google Apps
US Symbols Hidden Search02

Looking for educator resources and lesson planning activities for US Symbols? Here is a challenging hidden words word search puzzle to engage students' problem solving strategies.

To solve the puzzle the letters first need to be locate words hidden in the grid. Perhaps the best way to start solving the puzzle would be to brain storm ideas about US Symbols. Then, locate the words, circle the letters and finally record the list of words in the space provided.

Here are some creative ways to integrate puzzles into lesson plans:
l. include puzzle in literacy center and have students write a story about the history of on of the symbols
2. use puzzle to introduce the theme of symbols
3. challenge students to create their own list of symbols, with a rational for their choices
4. combine all the letters in a couple of symbols and then have students create as many words as they can from the letters
5. have students do a survey of symbols they see in the school

To illustrate #4, above, here is an example:
Use letters from these US symbols: constitution, flag of the united states, bald eagle
Possible words include: golf, taste, bald, eagle, flag, union, conduit, ion, none, noble, acts

Puzzle available as a downloadable printable and as Google slide by copying the file to your computer drive.