US Symbols Scrambled Search01

US Symbols Scrambled Search01

US Symbols Scrambled Search01 For Google Apps
US Symbols Scrambled Search01

Teacher lesson plan ideas to support students in learning about US symbols. This challenging puzzle about US symbols requires students to rearrange the letters in each clue to reveal the correct spelling. If a clue has more than one word, remember that the scrambled letters clues do not necessarily represent the number of letters in each word.

For example:

Correct spelling of a symbol: IN GOD WE TRUST

Scrambled letters for this clue might look like this: TUENGODW TSR I

Additional ideas for lesson planning:
l. have students create their own word search puzzles to exchange with a friend, using one of the many blank word search grids found here
2. put symbols in alphabetical order
3. have students complete a research project on the symbol of their choice
4. take a symbol's letters and, using only those letters, create as many words as you can
5. include puzzle in literacy center

An example for #4 might be the letters found in |CONSTITUTION|

Words that can be made from this word include: not, intuit, noon, stun

Puzzle available as a downloadable printable and as Google slide by copying the file to your computer drive.