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Valentine's Day Activity Page - 06()
Valentine's  Day Activity Page - 06

Are you looking for teacher lesson plan resources for Valentine's Day? This Gr. 1 Valentine's Day activity page includes a word search puzzle and an activity directing students to fill in the blanks with the correct word. There are 5 sentences that students need to complete. This helps consolidate understanding of sentence structure, while supporting students as they continue to build vocabulary and consolidate spelling. Word search includes a list of 5 words that are hidden in the grid. Words may be found in a number of directions: forwards, backwards, vertically or horizontally, but not diagonally.

Suitable for home school and classroom environments. Word search puzzles are known to engage students' brains as well as supporting fine motor skill development. Students activate problem solving strategies when they have to use context of the sentence to determine the correct word to complete the sentence.

Happy February!

February is a time to celebrate Black History Month, Ground Hog Day, and Valentine's Day!

New puzzles have been added for Black History Month, including a BINGO Game. Check back often for NEW puzzles!