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Valentine's Day Activity Page - 12()
Valentine's  Day Activity Page - 12

Here is an educator resource for Valentine's Day programming. This Grade 2 Valentine's Day activity page includes:
l. a list of 10 words hidden in the word search puzzle (lace, gift, secret, resent, mailbox, red, letter, fourteenth, chocolate), and
2. a follow up activity

The follow up activity directs students to choose 1 word from the list and then write a paragraph about that word. Due to space limitations, paragraph needs to be limited. If more space is required, then turn the page over to continue with the paragraph. These activities engage the brain, help consolidate spelling while helping to build vocabulary.

Words hidden in the grid may be found in a number of directions: vertical, horizontal, forwards, or backwards. No words are hidden in the diagonal direction.

Other ideas for using this activity page might include:
- put the words in reverse alphabetical order
- List of words can be used as writing prompts (poetry, more sentences, create stories, description, directions)
- create a picture using any number of words