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Valentine's Day Activity Page - 13()
Valentine's  Day Activity Page - 13

Are you looking for educator resources for Valentine's Day programming? Here is a Grade 2 Valentine's Day activity page that includes:
l. a list of 10 words hidden in the word search puzzle (sweet, nice, rose, arrow, hugs, box, mail, silver, balloon, message), and
2. a follow up activity

The follow up activity is a fill-in-the-blanks activity where students print the correct word from the list of word clues below the word search puzzle. Activity pages support growth and development of vocabulary, fine motor skill development, visual acuity and spelling consolidation.

Words in the word search puzzle may be found hidden vertically, horizontally, forwards, or backwards. There are no words hidden on the diagonal.

Other ideas for using this activity page might include:
- use words in literacy centers as writing prompts (narrative and descriptive writing, creating poetry, letter writing)
- put the words in alphabetical order
- create Valentine's Day cards using some of these words

Thinking of You!

As more students are learning through either a hybrid model (both in-person and remote learning) and/or exclusively remote learning, we are working hard to digitize our puzzles. Labeled with PDF and Google Apps version. Here are two examples: Scrambled Letters-Google Apps&PDF | 12 x 12 Blank Word Search.

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Melissa and Doug