Valentine's Word Maze #19

Valentine's Word Maze #19

Valentine's Word Maze #19 For Google Apps
Valentine's Word Maze #19

Looking for fun and challenging resources for your students to complete around Valentine's Day? This word maze puzzle engages students' brains while making learning fun. Puzzle supports vocabulary building, helps to consolidate spelling, and encourages development of problem solving strategies in all learning environments including homeschooling and as a tutoring resource.

Brain teaser supports all learning situations:
- in-class learning
- hybrid learning (in-class and remote learning)
- remote learning

Solve the puzzle:
l. review the list of 15 words below the grid
2. locate the circled letter which is the first letter of the first word in the word maze
3. determine the word and trace its letter path
4. letter paths travel up, down, right, left and diagonally in all directions; so, letter paths do cross (this adds to the challenge)
5. at the end of the first word, review both the surrounding letters and the word list to determine the next word
6. trace the letter path
7. continue tracing each word's letter path until the last word is found

Word maze puzzle is available in both free, downloadable PDF and Google apps versions.