Weather Word Search

Weather Word Search

Are you looking for educator lesson plan ideas for weather? Here is a scrambled letters word search puzzle to engage students' brains, consolidate vocabulary and spelling, while activating strategies necessary to solve problems.

To solve the puzzle, first rearrange the scrambled letters in the word clues. Remember that two word clues may not represent the number of letters in each word. Next, locate the words hidden in the grid.

Lesson plan activities to extend use of word search words could include:
l. have students work with peers to solve the puzzle
2. put the words in alphabetical order
3. include the puzzle in STEM and/or STEAM activities to align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
4. use the word bank for ideas about research projects
5. integrate into language program by having students create a news report to a related environmental event

Puzzles support learning in the classroom by making it fun and engaging. This, in turn facilitates growth and development of independent self-directed learners.