Engage K-2 Learning to Read

Engage K-2 Learning to Read

Looking for teacher classroom activities to support students learning to read? Here is an interactive K-2 classroom resource. Activity page includes one word search, one image and a sentence to consolidate knowledge and understanding of direction words. There are 5 direction words to find (across, end, in the middle of, next to, up). Image and sentence focus on the same direction word (in the middle of). Note that the number of blank spaces is a clue to the number of words in the answer.

For example:
When the student sees: __ ___ _____ ___ , then student needs to look for the word/group of words that fit that pattern. In this case, it's 'in the middle of'.

This puzzle:
~ introduces new direction words (across, end, in the middle of, next to, up)
~ consolidates K-2 spelling skills (student filling in the blank/s)
~ engages students' brains with vocabulary growth and development (direction words)