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Father's Day - Cryptogram Puzzles

How do cryptogram puzzles develop collaboration in the classroom? Use puzzles to augment ongoing activities that develop cooperation and collaboration in the classroom. Cryptogram puzzles are puzzles that are usually a quote, or an expression. Letters in the quote are encrypted using an alphabet code, often based on a theme. In this case, Father's Day theme. To solve the puzzle, the code needs to be decrypted by figuring out the letter substitutions. Knowledge of letter and word patterns, combined with theme based knowledge, are keys to solving these brain teasers. The greater the students' knowledge of common letter patterns and word structures, the faster these puzzles are solved. Have students work with elbow partners or in small groups to develop collaborative and cooperative skills.

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Father's Day!

Where does the time go? Now, we are gearing up for Father's Day! Here are some fun and engaging puzzles to share with kids at home! Father's Day Puzzles. Six categories available!

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