French Vocabulary Printable and Google Apps

This category of French vocabulary puzzles supports students learning another language. Free word search and word shapes puzzles help jump start students' vocabulary building skills while engaging their brains.

Puzzles support students in both Core French and French Immersion, and substitute teachers in Core French. Home schoolers also benefit from having their students solve these puzzles. Use puzzles to complement and/or augment existing curriculum.

To solve some of the puzzles in this category requires a 2-step process where translation between English and French is necessary. Sometimes the clues are French words and the answers are in English, while other puzzles have clues in English with French answers.

Puzzles support brain health, and combining these brain teasers with learning another language is sure to enhance vocabulary building, increase connections between and among concepts and skills while supporting learning at multiple levels.

To solve the printable version
-download, print and complete

To solve the Google Apps version
-copy to the computer, use the line tool (or shapes tool with color set to transparent) to trace the letter paths (word searches)
-copy to the computer, use the text boxes to complete the word shapes puzzles