Word Search Puzzles - Parts of a Plant

Why are puzzles important to learning and how do you integrate puzzles into a learning environment? Puzzles engage the brain by activating critical thinking skills, problem solving strategies, while making for a fun and interactive experience. One way to integrate puzzles into a learning environment, whether distance learning, blended learning, homeschooling classrooms, regular k-12 classrooms, or as a tutoring resource, is to provide a variety of puzzles that introduce students to new vocabulary and concepts.

This parts of a plant category includes printable word searches for kids providing support for distance learning, blended learning and differentiated learning. Multiple printable word find puzzles include word searches with and without hints, word search puzzles that have scrambled letters as well as hidden words (ie. no word bank clues). Some word search printables include crossword puzzle like clues for added puzzles variation and differentiation. Suitable for students in grades 2-3.