all Word Family Activity

all Word Family Activity

What can you, as an educator, do to ensure student learning? One strategy is to make learning fun for students. The challenge with this, however, is that while students look like they're having fun how do you know that they're learning? The simple answer is, you don't always know.

One way to overcome this challenge is to compare what the students know before an activity is introduced with what they know following the activity.

Start the process by having students list as many all words as they can. This is what they know before the activity. Next, using a series of increasingly complex word searches using words from all word family.

Most word search puzzles include the list of words to be found hidden in a grid. Students use the list as a guide to solve the puzzle.

A next step would be to scramble the letters in the words. Students first need to unscramble the words before finding them in the grid.

This all the word family puzzle activity is an example of a next step in assessing whether students are learning. Given the clue of the number of words hidden in the grid, students need to locate them and then record the list in the space provided.

Educators then compare student results with the actual search results.

This brain teaser puzzle is suitable for early primary and Elementary classrooms, homeschooling classrooms and students acquiring English as a second language.