Back to School Word Search #14

Back to School Word Search #14

Back to School Word Search #14 For Google Apps
Back to School Word Search #14

Are you an educator looking for lesson plan and resource ideas for back to school? Here is a 25-word word search puzzle to foster and support a cooperative and collaborative learning environment.

Solve the puzzle by locating the words hidden in the grid. Word search puzzle available in both printable and google apps. Suitable for in-person learning, hybrid learning, distance learning, homeschooling learning and as a tutoring resource.

Other lesson plan ideas:
~ put words in alphabetical order
~ organize the words into their respective part of speech category: noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc
~ use words as journal prompts
~ put the words into sentences, either one word per sentence or multiple words per sentence
~ have students create their own word search puzzles using any one of a number of blank word search grids found here: Blank Word Search Grids