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Puzzles (81-120)()
Puzzles (81-120)

Puzzles (81-120). Here is a bundle of 40 free, printable crossword puzzles. This collection is sure to delight puzzle solvers world wide. Engage the brain, enhance vocabulary building skills, and improve your personal vocabulary base with our created-just-for-you bundles of 40 crossword puzzles. With differentiated instruction, students in middle grades 7,8,9 classrooms should be able to access this challenge. As an extension, split the 40 puzzles among teams of students and see who can be the first to complete their set. Consider including these bundles of printable puzzles as an exercise in problem solving. Sure to delight students in the home schooling environment.

Thinking of You!

As more students are learning through either a hybrid model (both in-person and remote learning) and/or exclusively remote learning, we are working hard to digitize our puzzles. Labeled with PDF and Google Apps version. Here are two examples: Scrambled Letters-Google Apps&PDF | 12 x 12 Blank Word Search.

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