Earth Space Scrambled Wordangle06

Earth Space Scrambled Wordangle06

Earth Space Scrambled Wordangle06 For Google Apps
Earth Space Scrambled Wordangle06

How do you make learning fun for kids? Make learning fun by having kids engaged with activities and topics that are fun to work with; and kids love puzzles! Here is an earth space scrambled letters wordangle puzzle to engage their critical thinking skills, activate problem solving skills while helping to build their space science vocabulary. When kids are having fun, then they are learning without them even knowing it!

Download the puzzle to print and/or click on the Google Apps link to copy the file to the computer for the Google apps version.

Solve the Puzzle
-first, rearrange the scrambled letters to reveal the words; print the correct spelling beside the word clue
-then, locate the circled letter in the grid; this is the first letter for each hidden word
-next, trace the letter paths until all the words have been located; watch for right angled turn in the word paths
-finally, track progress by crossing off the words as they are found

Choice Board Activity Ideas
l. SPARK student curiosity by encouraging kids to ask WHAT IF questions. For example: What if the planet Earth rotated on a different axis? Then what? Think of what might happen and explain your thinking.
2. STIMULATE creativity by engaging kids' imaginations: get kids to create a treasure map using some of the space words in the list (e.g. planet, Earth, axis)
3. ENGAGE independence and creativity by having kids construct puzzles using the list of words from the puzzle [e.g. crossword puzzles (regular, freeform, crosspatch), matching, scrambled letters, word searches from blank word search grids (links below)].

Link to blank word search grids: blank word search

Link to basic 11x11 word search grid: 11 by 11 grid

Link to sun shaped, blank word search grid: sun shaped word search grid Use this blank grid as a: planet, the sun, full moon, new moon, harvest moon

Link to moon shaped, blank word search grid: moon shaped word search grid