Earth Space Word Maze 03

Earth Space Word Maze 03

Earth Space Word Maze 03 For Google Apps
Earth Space Word Maze 03

Are you looking for teacher, care-giver and/or parent lesson plan activities and resources for Earth Space? Here is a fun, interactive and challenging space word maze puzzle that engages critical thinking skills, activates problem solving strategies and makes learning fun! Kids love solving puzzles and they are learning without even knowing it.

Download free puzzle to print for the PDF version and click on the Google Apps link to copy the file to the computer for the Google Apps version.

Solve the Puzzle
l. Review the list of 20 words below the grid.
2. Locate the circled letter, which is the start of the word maze: |S|.
3. Letter paths will travel up, down, right and left, and will NOT cross.
4. Compare the surrounding letters with the list of words (first word starts with |S|) and trace the word path (spring equinox).
5. At the end of one word path, again compare the surrounding letters with the list of remaining words and then trace the next word path.
6. The 20 word paths create a maze within the grid. Continue to trace each path until all the letters are joined (from |S| to the last letter of the last word).
7. Track progress by crossing out the words as they are located.

Suitable for students in grades 4,5,6, homeschooling and as a tutoring resource. Word search answers are included in the file download.