Earth Space Scrambled Word Maze07

Earth Space Scrambled Word Maze07

Earth Space Scrambled Word Maze07 For Google Apps
Earth Space Scrambled Word Maze07

Why use puzzles to support learning? And, are you looking for educator resources to support Earth Space? This earth space scrambled letters word maze puzzle supports brain health by helping to make connections between what kids see on the paper and what they know to be true. Example: they know that certain letter combinations are more common (e.g. -ious, -tion, sch-, -ent) than others, while other letter combinations rarely occur, if at all (e.g. wqic-, qrall, tdout,)! This interactive earth space puzzle has another twist: not only do the word clues have scrambled letters, but the letter paths for 20 words travel in all directions, which creates another challenge. Brain teaser is suitable for students in grades 4,5,6, home schools. Puzzle supports distance, blended, independent and differentiated learning.

Access the two versions:
1. download puzzle to print
2. click on the Google apps link to copy the file to the computer for the Google apps version

Solve the Puzzle
l. First, rearrange the scrambled letters to discover the words hidden in the grid. Record the correct spelling. Review the list of unscrambled words.
2. Then, locate the circled letter, which is the start of the word maze: |N|. Note that letter paths will travel up, down, right, left and diagonally. Letter paths DO cross.
3. Next, compare the surrounding letters with the list of unscrambled word clues and then trace the word path. Be careful here, since there might be more than one word that starts with |N|.
4. At the end of the word path, compare the surrounding letters with the list of remaining words and then trace the next word path. This process requires the brain to compare the words and letter sequences it sees in the word list, with the letters it sees at that point in the grid and make a decision about the next word path to trace.
5. Finally, repeat step 4 until the 20 word paths have created the complex maze within the grid. The word paths are all joined, from the beginning word to the last letter of the last word.
6. Remember to track progress by crossing out the words as they are located.

This word maze puzzle is suitable for students in grades 4,5,6, homeschooling and as a tutoring resource. Word search answers are included in the file download.