Earth Space Hidden 09

Earth Space Hidden 09

Earth Space Hidden 09 For Google Apps
Earth Space Hidden 09

Are you looking for parent, care-giver or teacher interactive and challenging activity and resource ideas for Earth Space? Here is a hidden letters word search puzzle that includes 20 space words hidden in the grid. Interactive choice board activity ideas are included below to augment programming. Activities can be completed either online/offline or both, depending on the idea. Activities also support distance, blended and independent learning. Puzzle is suitable for students in grades 4,5,6, home schools, and as a tutoring resource.

Download this PDF puzzle to print and/or click on the Google Apps link to copy the file to the computer for the Google Apps version.

To solve the puzzle:
- first, brainstorm earth space words
- then, locate the 20 words hidden in the grid (can you find any others?)
- next, circle the letter path for each word
- finally, print the list of space words in the space provided

Choice board activities:
l. ENGAGE critical thinking skills by providing kids with a series of earth space statements. Statements are either fact or opinion. To complete the activity, students need to determine the nature of each statement (fact/opinion) and then provide a short explanation to support their decision.
2. FOSTER students' imaginations and creativity by engaging them to create a multi-media earth space presentation. Presentation includes audio files (music or other), images (public domain or their own), and uses available technology, and/or other parameters you determine.
3. IGNITE and CULTIVATE student innovation by getting kids to engineer a new model for a broken piece of space equipment. Possible questions to ask: What is the problem? What are possible solutions? What works/doesn't work? Remember to include: materials used; procedure; problems and solutions encountered; reflections of the process, the model and any other thoughts they had during the construction; labels and next steps.
4. ENGAGE critical thinking skills by getting kids to create puzzles of all types: crossword puzzles (regular, freeform, crosspatch), scrambled letters puzzles, matching puzzles, or word search puzzles using a variety of blank templates (see links below).

Word search answers are included in the file download.

Link to blank word search grids: blank word search
Here is a link to the basic 15x15 word search grid: 15 by 15 grid
Link to sun shaped, blank word search grid: sun shaped word search grid Use this blank grid as a: planet, the sun, full moon, new moon, harvest moon
Link to moon shaped, blank word search grid: moon shaped word search grid