Properties Word Maze#03

Properties Word Maze#03

Properties Word Maze#03 For Google Apps
Properties Word Maze#03

Are you looking for engaging educator activities and resources for properties of matter? This word maze puzzle engages problem solving strategies, supports vocabulary building for students grades 2-3. Use with distance and blended learning, independent and differentiated learning environments.

Available in both printable and Google Apps™ formats.

Solve The Puzzles
1. review this list of 15 words below the grid
2. locate the circled letter |s|; determine the word from the grid by looking at the surrounding letters |smooth|
3. trace the letter path; paths can travel up, down, right and left; letter paths do NOT cross
4. at the end of the first word, compare the surrounding letters with the beginning letters of the remaining words; trace the letter path for this word
5. continue the process until the letter path of the last word is complete
6. the path is continuous, from the first letter of the first word to the last letter of the last word
7. track progress by crossing off each word, or using a check mark, to indicate that its letter path is traced

Choice Board Activity Ideas
l. ask 'what if' questions (e.g. If something is gooey, then can it be crunchy?)
2. create a scavenger hunt to locate as much 'matter' that share the list of properties in this puzzle (vary the type of matter: solid, liquid, gas and try to avoid common objects)
3. have students create their own puzzles (e.g. crossword puzzles, scrambled letters puzzles, word searches)

Three states of matter: solids, liquids and gases (plasma is not included here)

Properties of matter include the various characteristics of matter (solid, liquid, gas) such as: size (small, big), weight/mass, volume, boiling & freezing points, color (colors of the rainbow, for example), hard/soft, texture (what matter feels like: gooey, prickly, smooth, rough, crinkly, soft, furry), whether matter sinks or floats, taste (crunchy, sweet, sour, bitter), whether something is magnetic or not, sound (noisy, quiet), bendability/flexibility