States of Matter - 2nd and 3rd Grade

2nd and 3rd grade states of matter puzzles: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Puzzles included in this category focus on the first three.

Puzzle categories include: word searches/word search-like puzzles, crossword puzzles, freeform, crosspatch, multiple choice, scrambled letters puzzles, alphabetical order. Puzzles focus on both states of matter and the properties of matter. Properties of matter can include: color, texture, odor, mass, volume, melting and boiling points, temperature, hardness, flexibility, malleability, density.

Suitable for homeschool and distance learning environment. Engage kids' brains in a fun and interactive way. Brain teasers make learning fun without kids even knowing.

Puzzles available as printables and Google Slides™ / Google Quizzes™.