St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-21

St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-21

St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-21 For Google Apps
St. Patrick's Day Wordangle-21

Looking for educator lesson plan resources for St. Patrick's Day? Here is a St. Patrick's Day wordangle puzzle with multiple twists!

1. 15 scrambled letters word clues
2. most hidden words have a right angled turn in their letter paths
3. some word clues have more than one word in them, BUT the scrambled letters do not always show the correct number of letters in each word (for example: the word clue 'Blarney Stone' may be have scrambled letter clues that look like 'nearbs lnto ye')

Supports distance learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning environments. Available in PDF (print) and Google Apps versions.

Solve the puzzle:
1. rearrange the letters in each word clue to reveal the list of words hidden in the grid
2. record the correct spelling for each word to help with solving the puzzle more quickly
3. locate each word clue in the grid and draw a circle around the hidden word
4. remember to watch for any right angle turns in the letter paths
5. track their progress by checking off each word as it is found

Other lesson plan activities:
l. have students find smaller words within larger word clues (e.g. the word clue: 'Luck of the Irish', would give some of these smaller words: risk, hit, he)
2. include puzzles in literacy centers as the word list provides writing prompts for journal writing, report writing, explanatory writing (how the leprechaun got its name), poetry, song writing
3. have students create their own word search puzzles

Link to blank word search grids found here: blank word search grids