Holidays, Festivals and Seasons

Throughout the world, holidays, festivals and special days play a big part in peoples' cultures. Use these free printable and Google Slides™ version puzzles to support vocabulary building skills, problem solving skills, and help to build creativity through active brain engagement.

As the number of puzzles to print and Google Slides™ versions increase on our website, you will find word searches for kids, cryptograms, cryptolists, word scramble puzzles, jumbled letters, matching, multiple choice and so much more. Puzzles complement all areas of the curriculum as well as being fun to complete at home!

FREE puzzles to print and Google Slides™ versions help improve working memory skills, engage critical thinking skills, activate problem solving strategies, support visual acuity, fine motor skills as well as support learning in all learning environments: virtual learning, hybrid and in-person classrooms, differentiated and independent classrooms, homeschooling environments, as a tutoring resource and can be included in Substitute Teacher's toolkit.