States of Matter Wordangle#04

States of Matter Wordangle#04

States of Matter Wordangle#04 For Google Apps
States of Matter Wordangle#04

Are you a teacher, parent of caregiver looking for challenging and engaging puzzles for states of matter? This wordangle puzzle activates problem solving skills, helps build vocabulary and consolidate spelling! Puzzle complements science learning. Suitable for students grades 2-3. Supports distance and blended learning, independent, differentiated, and home schooling learning environments.

Solve the wordangle puzzle using the downloadable printable or Google Slide™ format.

Solve The Puzzle
l. review the list of words below the grid
2. locate the words hidden in the grid; there are no letter hints
3. trace the letter paths for each word; letter paths travel up, down, right, left; most words have a right angled turn; letter paths may cross
4. track progress by crossing out each word as it is located.

Choice Board Activities
l. have kids put the words in alphabetical order
2. categorize each word by relating it to the states of matter: solids, liquids, gases (e.g. rock, book, material are words related to solids)
3. have students create a puzzle using vocabulary from this and any other puzzle (crosswords, multiple choice, word searches)
4. have students complete the Frayar model graphic organizer