States of Matter Word Maze#04

States of Matter Word Maze#04

States of Matter Word Maze#04 For Google Apps
States of Matter Word Maze#04

Are you looking for challenging educator activities and resources to complement your states of matter program? This word maze puzzle engages critical thinking and problem solving skills. Suits kids grades 2-3.

Solve this fun states of matter word maze puzzle using the downloadable printable or Google Slide™ format.

Solve The Puzzle
1. review the list of words below the grid
2. locate the circled letter, |m|; first letter of the first word is |material|
3. trace the letter path; letter paths go up, down, right, left and diagonally; letter paths cross
4. at the end of first word, compare surrounding letters with the remaining words to determine the next word path to trace; continue until the last word
5. track progress by crossing out each word as it is located.

Choice Board Activities
l. have kids use words to create an adventure story
2 encourage kids to think about 'What if' questions (e.g. What if the vapor in the cloud did not condense into rain. Explain.)
3. have students create a puzzle using vocabulary from this and other states of matter puzzles (e.g. crosswords, multiple choice, word searches using word search grids found here: word search grid)

Suitable for students grades 2-3. Activity supports distance and blended learning, independent, differentiated, and home schooling learning environments.