Activity Page for K-2

Activity Page for K-2

Are you looking for educator resources differentiated for students learning to read? This interactive K-2 activity page is a fun way to support learning to read. Includes 1 word search, 1 image and a sentence to support vocabulary building of directional words. Five words hidden in the grid (away from, upside down, down, below, right of). The image and sentence focus on the same direction word (upside).

The number of blanks in the sentence is a clue to the number of words to print. For example: when the student sees, '____ _____', then the answer would be 'right of' (for this activity page).

Activity page:
~ introduces 5 direction words (away from, upside down, down, below, right of)
~ supports fine motor skill development (printing words, tracing letter paths)
~ engages the brain (image, puzzle, sentence)

Fun educator resource supports learning to read.