Word Work Activities

Word work activities category includes a variety of puzzles to support learning letters of the alphabet, color words, days of the week, word pattern recognition; visual acuity, vocabulary building and consolidation of spelling. Puzzles push kids' brains to make connections, to figure things out, look for letter patterns within a grid, or unscramble letters to reveal word. Word mastery is achieved with practise, but the practise needs to be fun! Puzzles make learning fun without kids even knowing it!

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The main focus is primary grade students (PreK-K to grade 3), struggling readers and English language learners and other students who might benefit from the opportunity to learn about patterns in language.

Word work activities include:
-activity pages for K-2
-word search puzzles to complete to support learning to read
-crossword puzzles
-matching puzzles
-scrambled letters puzzles
-blank word search templates of multiple varieties for kids to create their own personal word searches. e.g. create a word search by letter of the alphabet, their own spelling lists, holiday and special events etc.

Puzzles are available in both printable and Google Apps versions.

Practise makes permanent! When kids have fun 'playing' with the puzzles, then learning consolidates. Practise often. All files are free, downloadable and printable. Some files include a Google apps version (digital version), which require you to make a copy to your computer.

Puzzle resources are suitable for solving at home, use with homeschooling, remote learning, hybrid learning: in-class and virtual learning, independent learning and in-class learning.

Puzzles support vocabulary building, consolidate spelling, help with organization, memory. Word work activities engage students' brains so they become better readers, writers and spellers.

Here is one approach (depending on current level of language acquisition):
-choose an activity (word search puzzle, crossword puzzle, matching games puzzles, scrambled letters puzzle, activity page, or blank word search template) to download and print OR copy to computer when the Google apps link provides for a digital copy
-have students complete the puzzle

Blank word search templates for letters of the alphabet:
-have kids list all the items they know that start with the any given letter (OR draw a picture, OR cut and paste, OR dictate the information to be transcribed on the blank form)
-do a scavenger hunt to locate all items that start with the letter at the top of the blank word search template
-use either the PreK-K template (5x5 grid and 6 lines to record words) or Gr1-2 template (8x8 grid and 10 lines for words)

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