Summer Activities - Crossword Puzzles

Why are puzzles important for learning? Here are a variety of crossword, and crossword like puzzles (crosspatch puzzles) about summer activities for students to complete. While they may know some summer related activities, this puzzle will extend their thinking and creativity because the clues will guide them. For students who know all, or almost all of the summer activities, this puzzle consolidates their understanding. For students who know a few, or some of the summer activities, this puzzle will increase their knowledge base, thereby enhancing their learning.

To solve the standard crossword puzzle, students solve for the across and down clues, and then record the solution in the blanks in the grid. If a clue is difficult to solve, then students need to solve for surrounding clues.

To solve the crosspatch puzzles, fill in the blanks with the word that has the same number of letters as the blanks.