BHM Freeform Puzzle-02

BHM Freeform Puzzle-02

BHM Freeform Puzzle-02 For Google Apps
BHM Freeform Puzzle-02

Do you use puzzles in the classroom to support Black History Month? Here is a fun and interactive BHM freeform crossword puzzle to engage students in a fun way. They are learning without them even knowing it! The list of words is organized by number of letters.

To complete the FREE puzzle to print:
-download the file
-review the list of words in the word bank
-record the words in the correct boxes for each question
-there are no letter hints

To complete the FREE Google Slides™ version:
-use the link to copy the file to the computer
-review the list of words
-use the text box tool to record the words in the correct blank spaces

-HINT: solve the puzzle by first finding words with either the most, the least, or a unique number of letters: desegregation, abolitionist, fair

Other lesson plan activity ideas:
- include the puzzle in literacy centers
- use the list of words list as writing prompts for debate, report or play writing
- find smaller words within a larger word (e.g. prejudicial)