Black History Month - Other Puzzles

Black History Month crossword-like puzzles support distance learning, hybrid learning environments which include both in-class and distance learning students, and in-class (or in-person) learning.

There are many crossword-like puzzles:
l. Crosspatch puzzles - puzzles that include a list of words in random order; regular spelling and scrambled letters, with and without letter hints
2. Freeform crossword puzzles - with and without letter hints; regular spelling and words are organized by the number of letters in the word

To solve the puzzles record the words in the blank boxes in the crossword like grid. Use common letters between words to continue filling in the blanks.

These puzzles support differentiated learning environments, home schooling and as a tutoring resource to:
-engaging critical thinking skills
-activate problem solving skills
-support visual acuity
-supports vocabulary building and mastery of theme related words