Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#03

Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#03

Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#03 For Google Apps
Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#03

Looking for a fun teacher, parent, or caregiver resource for states of matter? This properties of matter scrambled letters puzzle engages learners with a list of words specific to properties of matter. States of matter include: solids, liquids and gases. Their properties include such things as: mass/density, temperature (hot, cold), sound (loud, soft), color, texture (rough, smooth, crinkly, fuzzy), shape (round, square), taste (sweet, sour, bitter), size (big, small), bendability, hardness/softness

Scrambled letters puzzle is available in two formats: downloadable puzzle to print and Google Slide™ format.

To solve the puzzle:
1. review the list of words below the puzzle
2. unjumble the letters in each question to determine the correct work
3. print the correct spelling on the blank line
4. track progress by crossing off each word as it is unscrambled

Choice Board Activities
1. print the words in alphabetical order
2. create art using words from the list
3. create a new type of puzzle: crossword, multiple choice, word search

Puzzle suits blended and distance learning, home schooling, as a tutoring resource, independent and differentiated learning environments.