Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#10

Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#10

Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#10 For Google Apps
Properties of Matter Scrambled Letters#10

Are you an educator looking for fun activities and resources to support kids learning about properties of matter? Here is a scrambled letters puzzle to engage learners and make learning fun. This brain teaser has a list of words specific to the properties of matter: mass/density, temperature (hot, cold), sound (loud, soft, squeaky, noisy, quiet), color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, brown), texture (rough, smooth, prickly, fuzzy, furry, fluffy), shape (round, square, triangular, flat), taste (sweet, sour, bitter), size (big, small), bendability, hardness/softness, odor (stinky, acrid, sweet), volume

Scrambled letters puzzle is available in two formats: downloadable puzzle to print and Google Slide™ format.

States of matter include: solids, liquids, gases

Examples of solids: box, car, cat, chair, pencil
Examples of liquids: water, juice, rain, ocean, milk,
Examples of gases: oxygen, carbon dioxide, wind, steam, water vapor

Solve the puzzle
1. rearrange the letters in each question to reveal the word
2. print the correct spelling on the blank line

For more fun learning, here are a few choice board activities that students can try to further consolidate knowledge and understanding of these science concepts:

1. give examples of matter that would have some of the properties listed
2. have students create a collage (either physical or digital) of matter (solid, liquid, gas) that shares the properties of matter included in this puzzle
3. create a new type of puzzle: crossword, multiple choice, word search (blank word search grids can be found here: word search grid
4. include puzzle as part of language programming and science activities

Puzzle suits students grades 2-3, blended and distance learning, home schooling, as a tutoring resource, independent and differentiated learning environments.