States of Matter Freeform#01

States of Matter Freeform#01

States of Matter Freeform#01 For Google Apps
States of Matter Freeform#01

Are you looking for fun and engaging teacher, caregiver, parent resources for states of matter? This differentiated freeform crossword puzzle includes letter hints. A freeform crossword puzzle has clues organized by the number of letters in each word.

Crossword like puzzle is available in printable and Google Apps™ formats.

Solve The Puzzles
l. review the list of words below the crossword grid
2. locate the letter hints; fill in the blank spaces with the correct word
3. complete the puzzle by locating shared letters for the rest of the words
4. track progress by crossing off each word as it is printed in the puzzle

Three states of matter: solids, liquids and gases (plasma is not included here)

Properties of matter include the various characteristics of matter (solid, liquid, gas) such as: size (small, big), weight/mass, volume, boiling and freezing points, color (red, orange, yellow, etc), bendability/flexibility, texture (what matter feels like: prickly, smooth, rough, crinkly, soft, furry), whether matter sinks or floats, taste (crunchy, sweet, sour, bitter), whether something is magnetic or not, sound (noisy, quiet), hard/soft