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Periodic Table Elements - Other Puzzle Types

Looking for periodic table of elements puzzles to support academic chemistry? Here are a variety of puzzles, other than the word search puzzles. Puzzle types include, but are not limited to: crossword puzzles (using chemical symbols as clues, as well as other clues ranging from mental math exercises, to hobby interests, and 'out of the box' thinking), both freeform and crosspatch crossword-like puzzles, cryptolist puzzles, and scrambled letters (includes puzzles without word banks for a greater challenge). Puzzles engage critical thinking skills, activate problem solving strategies, support academic chemistry learning while supporting brain health! Puzzles suitable for secondary students in grades 9-12 chemistry classrooms, home schooling environments and as a tutoring resource.

Does your university student need a review of chemistry elements and their symbols? Review the collection of periodic table of elements.

Periodic table of elements puzzles are found at this link: Periodic Table of Elements Word Searches.

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