Word Search Puzzles - Back to School

Are you an educator looking for interactive and engaging back to school resources? Here are a variety of word search puzzles to engage learners while fostering a cooperative and collaborative classroom (including home schooling environments) when students work together to find the puzzle solution.

Here are some puzzles that you can expect to find:

l. Scrambled letters word search puzzles that require the puzzle solver to first rearrange the letters in the word clues to reveal the words hidden in the grid;
2. Hidden words word search puzzles do not have a list of back to school words in the word bank. Rather, the words are hidden and students need to locate them and record the words in the space provided. It is often helpful to first brain storm ideas of possible words;
3. Crossword like word search puzzles that require students to first solve for the clues, record the answer and then locate the words hidden in the grid.

Crossword like word searches activate multiple problem solving strategies which makes them a valuable lesson plan resource to support learning.

For example: clues can include information from inside and outside the school environment:

l. plurals (plural of pencil. ANS: pencils)
2. synonyms/antonyms (synonym for recess. ANS: free time)
3. sports/leisure activities (e.g. you need a bat and ball to play this game. ANS: baseball)

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