Wacky Wordie Puzzles

Think of wacky wordie puzzles as calisthenics for your brain. You are exercising with only the use of your brain cells!

To solve these brain teasers look at each of the clues in each table and come up with a common word, or phrase, that makes sense for what you see. For example: the expression 'check up' might look like a checkmark positioned at the top of the box. Or the rainbow trout fish might show a rainbow with the word |trout| across the rainbow. Puzzles may be pictures and text, or just text, or just images.

Use these brain teasers for early finishers, as morning bell work, friendly competition to see which team can solve the set of 16 puzzles first.

Download the puzzle to print or copy the file to the computer drive to solve the puzzle using Google Slides.